At Freedom Foods, honest is our promise and when we claim that a product is free from something then we make sure that it really is.

The VITAL (Voluntary Incident Trace Allergen Labelling) system is an assessment tool that is used to evaluate the risk of potential allergen contamination during the manufacturing process.

This process enables us to methodically and scientifically capture potential risk at every stage of the manufacturing process… from sourcing of raw materials right through to the handling of products at the factory.

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Our ‘Free From’ Home
In 2009, Freedom Foods established a dedicated ‘free from’ factory in Stanbridge in the New South Wales Riverina (near Leeton.). Our factory is one of the few factories around the world that is free from wheat, barley, triticale, sesame seeds and nuts.

Not only do we produce our Freedom Foods Cereals and Biscuits at Stanbridge, but we also actually mill many of the raw ingredients that we use at the factory.

Product Testing
We test every batch of products produced at Stanbridge to ensure that gluten, peanut, almonds and hazelnuts are not detected.

We use ELISA tests for gluten

Our Stanbridge site is completely free from wheat, rye, barley & triticale and we ensure that the oats that we bring on site are not contaminated with wheat.

Testing of gluten:
Every batch of our product is tested to ensure that no gluten is detected.

No nuts and no butts about it

The fact is these days more and more people are allergic to nuts. Some of the worst cases may suffer anaphylactic shock if they accidentally eat nuts meaning the result could be fatal.

That’s why we’ve removed all nuts from the products we make at our Stanbridge factory.

We also work with our raw material suppliers to ensure that the things we bring into our factory haven’t been exposed to nuts.

Then to make really really sure they are nut free if we claim they are, we test every batch to ensure that no peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts can be detected.

We’d love to test for every single type of nut, but with more than 50 different types of tree nuts around –there is currently no commercially viable way of doing this.

Freedom Foods uses the highest quality tests available in Australia.

Please note that some of our products are made for us by other people and they may still have nuts at their factories so always check the packaging of the product that you are interested in or you can call us with a question.